Fjärås of Sweden

Fjärås of Sweden is a business with 30 years of industry experience, Fjärås stands for quality, efficiency and economy. We started making the Fjärås spreader in the early 1980s and today we provide equipment for snow clearing, gritting, sand removal and road cleaning.

    Affordable operation and better working conditions

    Our products are designed to be efficent to run, and to contribute to better road conditions and a better experience for drivers.

    Service & Quality

    We focus on creating quality for our customers. Long-term thinking is one of our guiding principles and this is reflected in the production process where we focus on providing our customers with the service they need – before, during and after a purchase.

      The Front-Mounted Sweeper, a result of innovation

      Fjärås’ production is driven by innovation. We have developed a number of ideas that have resulted in new products. One example is the front-mounted sweeper. We are also proud of being the first company in Sweden to develop self-loading.

      Since 2011, Fjärås has been owned by Starke Arvid AB, who’s production and development facilities are based in Ljungskile, Sweden.